Archery Tag

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10 Players

  • 10 archery tag bows
  • 50 bow strings with finger savers
  • 10 black Face Masks
  • 50 safe arrows
  • 6 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 2 foam supports
  • Free UK Shipping
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 2 pump
  • repair kits



22 Players

  • 22 archery tag bows
  • 80 bow strings with finger savers
  • 22 black Face Masks
  • 120 safe arrows
  • 8 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 2 foam supports
  • Free UK Shipping
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 3 pump
  • repair kits



36 Players

  • 36 archery tag bows
  • 80 bow strings with finger savers
  • 36 black Face Masks
  • 160 safe arrows
  • 10 Inflatable Bunkers
  • 4 foam supports
  • Free UK Shipping
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 2 pump
  • repair kits

Archery Tag

Archery tag is among the fast-growing sports that uses a bow and arrows for fun purposes and not for harm. This unique sport will give you a chance to engage in combat using medieval weapons on a modern battlefield. Besides, it is fun and easy to play and does not need any prior experience in professional archery. It is a great sport for team building events and even parties. Its rules often combine all elements of paintball, dodge ball and traditional archery to give you an adrenaline rush worth all your time. This sport, archery tag also embodies other names like archery attack, archery battle and even archery combat. Therefore, if you want to release the warrior within you, opt for it for fun and exercise. However, you will have to know more about it before you decide to engage. It is practically safe with some few easy-to-follow rules to it.


Archery Tag Game Play

Archery tag is not that hard to master when it comes to playing. The game often requires two teams, for instance, if you are a group of eight people then it would be 4 versus 4, for two teams. If you are 18 players then the two teams will each have 9 players. The two teams will then be placed in two different pitches, which are separated by a safety area. Nobody is supposed to fire an arrow in the safety area. There are targets, as well as barriers for taking cover behind. You also need to have arrows and bows for the game as well as safety masks and arm guards for safety purposes. Everything associated with this sport is often meant for your excitement, without any risk. At times, the instructors of the game often act as referees, making the play even more exciting. They can help both teams by keeping the scores and even stopping the game for a while to deposit more gameplay arrows in the safe area. Besides, having them around ensures that you all abide by the rules of the game.

Archery Tag: Rules of the game

  • The game often begin with the same number of players on both teams
  • The objective of this game is to eliminate all opposing players by scoring the most points within a given time of getting the players out one by one
  • During the game, all players are to stay within boundary lines. You can only leave and return from your boundary via your end line, maybe if you want to go and get a stray arrow
  • As a player, you must adhere to the rules stipulated by the referees. You must also respect all the other players
  • The bows and arrows for the game are only for the game and should not be used to assault other players or knock arrows out of the air
  • The game often begins with the bows on the end lines and the arrows in the safe zone (center). You will take a certain position, in your end line and wait for the referee signal before rushing to the safe zone to grab as many arrows as you can. Then return to the attack zone and start shooting
  • If the teams in the game are more than a specific number then the additional players will have to be on the sideline, in case of substitution. The game will not stop for substitution. They are live. You just hand your bow to the incoming playmate
  • Timeouts are only given in case of equipment safety issues and injured players

Archery Tag: Zone Rules

  • Players are only live in their attack zone. This is where they can shoot or be shot
  • Players in the safe area, cannot shoot or be shot
  • Players in action should always be moving, no stopping. If a player is to retrieve an arrow from the safe zone, they should do so and return to the attack zone ASAP. If by chance you stop at the safe zone, you only have 5 seconds before some points are deducted or you are eliminated

Archery Tag: Field Safety Rules

  • Hard surfaces like walls, fences, doors, pillars, and posts should always be padded
  • Never use unauthorized barriers like tires, oil drums without any padding
  • You can also use hay bales for the barrier, but cover them to keep the arrows safe and on point

Archery Tag: Equipment Safety

  • Always inspect your equipment before any game, as they are prone to wearing down with every use. You can also make it a habit to replace it annually for safety purposes
  • All players in the game, on the sideline and referees, should wear an archery tag facemask for safety. Make sure it fits properly, no movements or slippages
  • The bow limbs should be placed securely on the riser
  • As for bow use, hold it by the riser and keep it flat when not using. Leaning it on the wall can cause its limbs to warp with time
  • Always unstring and store your bows properly when they are not in use, probably in a cool and dry place
  • Arrow foam tips should always be cylinder in shape. In case of a worn foam tip, replace it or stop using the arrow altogether
  • Never fire a bow without an arrow, as it can cause its limbs to absorb the shock meant for the arrow. Dry firing a bow may lead to fractures on its limbs
  • The strings of the bow should be tight but also easy to pull back with an arrow. In case of a fuzzy or frayed bowstring, wax it ASAP

Archery Tag: Game Play Safety

  • Always play with no jewelry and remove all piercings
  • For safe play, always use tested and authorized archery tag equipment
  • Never move or lean on the bunkers
  • Do not swing equipment at other objects, to minimize damages and unnecessary injuries
  • Never shoot at any player in the neutral zone or outside the field boundaries


So are you looking for some team fun and adrenaline rush, try archery tag. It is all you could ask for in a sport.